The hackers leaked intimate photos of Mamayev with his wife



Hacked Instagram account of the actress Maria Gorban and published intimate photos of Russian stars and businessmen. Cyber criminals offered to sell the entire archive of shots for everyone.

Gorban has confirmed that its core social network account was hacked. “I’m sorry for the shame on my main profile. It was hacked, and at the moment everything is done in order to wrest it from the hands of criminals,” wrote the actress.

Among the published photos intimate pictures of the football player Pavel Mamaev and his wife Alana, wife of the head of the Federation Council and Chairman of the Board of Directors of RMG Sergey Bunin, singer Julia Kovalchuk and businessman Dmitry Jakubowski with his wife.

Earlier, on 12 October, the wife of the halfback of football club “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev, Alan stated that unknown persons blackmailing her and threatening to leak intimate photos of the couple. After that the former model has deleted their social media accounts

Video, photo All from Russia.


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