The program “Fashion verdict” accused of the humiliation of women


Frame: the transfer of “Fashionable sentence”

The program “Fashion verdict”, overlooking the “First channel”, degrades women, blaming them is not enough attractive appearance. About this in his column for the publication Yle said Finnish journalist Kerstin Kronwall.

The author clarifies that the transfer was built like a trial: the convict is a woman who looks good enough. “The key witness is almost always the woman’s husband. He’s tired of that style wife not happy with his sinful eye”, — the journalist writes.

According to her, the program man is always right and the woman must change. “Sometimes she can find the accusations against him, such as he her not caring, not giving flowers or he has a mistress. But no matter what she complained of, the court and the audience is always on the side of her husband,” said Kronwall.

The author of the column writes that in Finland there is a show with a makeover, but a big difference in the role of men. “It is often in these games at all is not present, we are given to understand that a woman becomes more beautiful for yourself” — emphasizes the journalist.

TV show “Fashion verdict” goes on “the First channel” since 2007. In 2015, the program received the award “TEFI” in a nomination “the Entertaining program: a Way of life”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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