The questionnaire of Choi to join the rock club nobody bought


Photo: shop the “Old album” / Fontanka

Auction house “Russian enamel” could not sell at the auction profile musician Viktor Tsoi, which he personally filled for entry in the legendary Leningrad rock club. About it reports to “Fontanka”.

The initial price of the lot amounted to 950 thousand rubles, but no one made any bets. This may be due to the fact that its authenticity is in doubt the author of the rock encyclopedia of the Leningrad-Petersburg Andrey Burlaka. He said that this questionnaire is at his home, the newspaper notes.

All were put up for sale two lots — the questionnaire and the book “Detective and politics” signed by Choi. The edition was sold at the starting price of 20 thousand rubles.

Earlier it was reported that in November, the sale will feature the license plate of the car, which crashed Viktor Tsoi. Starting price of the lot — two million rubles. In the room, “I’m 68 MM 32” traces from the blow, and in several places seen exploding metal. The current owner found it purchased the garage in Jurmala.

In September, at the auction sold other things Tsoi: passport, notebook with phone numbers of the Leningrad and Moscow rock musicians, as well as the manuscript of the song “I Want change”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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