A British journalist went to the Russian bath and called the broom “weapon of war”


Photo: Eugene Kurskov / TASS

Journalist for the British newspaper The Telegraph That OU (Ough Tom) shared impressions of the visit to the Russian bath. His experience he described in the pages of the publication.

Oh went to “Bath No. 1,” which is often visited by famous people. In the steam room of the journalist whipped with a broom that seemed like as if he was “beaten with a big tree in the rain.” He called the broom “weapon of war”.

“Relaxation is a curious thing, I mused, glancing from under the white hat in the style of the headdress of the Smurfs when a bearded bodybuilder whipped my bare back steamed birch broom,” — says the Briton.

After the bath he dived into the cold water, after which, in his words, he “found a new light”. OU said that came out of the bath refreshed and relaxed.

“Adventure No. 1” opened in London in 2012. Its founder and Director — Andrey Fomin, he opened the school, focusing on the Russian Diaspora living in the UK capital. Over time bath became known among the representatives of show business. It was visited by Justin Bieber, Emilia Clarke and other musicians and actors.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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