A policewoman accused of stealing 200 rubles from the seven-year-old


Frame: camera recording

A resident of Kaliningrad Lydia Lavrova stated that the employee of the regional police stole from her seven year old son 200 rubles. About it reports the edition “Cantera”.

The woman gave the child money for sweets, and the boy went to a small shop at the same time there were several police officers — listeners of training Center of Ministry of internal Affairs in Kaliningrad.

Some time later the student called his mother and complained that he had lost the money in the store. “I asked if it was cash, when he came to the store. The son responded positively,” — said Lavrov. The boy said that to steal the money, no one could, because the room was only for police officers, “and they just would not take”.

To understand what has happened, a woman came into the store and looked at the footage from the security cameras. They are seen as the girl comes in the form of money that fell from the child, pushing them under the shopping rack, and then picks up.

Lydia Lavrova told about the incident to the authorities educational institutions of Ministry of internal Affairs. One of the officers apologized to the woman and offered to return the money, which the woman refused. Later with the mother of the student contacted herself a police Sergeant. She told me that she thought the money was lost, her colleague and wanted to return them. “Well, if I was going to return, she would not secretly raised, and asked at once about one of her co-workers lost. But, to put it mildly, was not so. In General, no apologies, I have not waited”, — concluded Lavrov.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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