“Gentleman” spent the night with the girl, advised her to lose weight and wished


Photo: Kena Betancur / Reuters

Network users angered the man who offered the girl to lose weight for the sake of future relations. His message published on the women’s forum Mumsnet.

The girl under the nickname WigglyBraddins wrote that doesn’t know how to respond to, “gentleman”, with whom she recently had intimate relations.

“I have to be honest. You’re not my taste, and it’s true. I’m really attracted to slim girls, I can’t do anything about it,” said the man. In the letter he also stated that he hates people who dictate to a woman how they should look. However, the problem of excess weight prevents him to her location, he wrote “a gentleman.”

The visitors forum was outraged by this message and offered WigglyBraddins to block the man and not see him.

“He just asked you to lose weight? If so, I would not he answered. What is he a fucking idiot,” said one of the readers.

“”Go to hell” — here’s how to answer him,” said another girl.

Earlier in October, netizens have condemned the girl who offered to shame overweight people. According to her, the humiliation of the fat will help them to change their way of life.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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