Juror, she has fallen in love with the defendant and went on trial


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

A resident of Krasnodar, who headed a Commission of jurors in a criminal case about the kidnapping, will stand trial on charges of obstruction of justice. On Monday, October 29, according to the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

39-year-old woman was penetrated by one of the defendants, a sense of personal sympathy and in spite of the absence of evidence of his innocence to the crime, decided to vote for his innocence. In the future, she said the rejection of withdrawal from the number of jurors, explaining his family circumstances.

However, the defendant continued to monitor the progress of the adjudication of the criminal case. In the beginning of 2018, the woman told the lawyer of the defendant a note for establishing a relationship with a man who she liked. After that, her actions began to control law enforcement.

The woman met the acquaintance of the defendant in a criminal case, in which role the employee of criminal investigation Department, and informed him of his intention to influence the jury. Then she gave personal information of the jurors, which was to persuade to vote for innocence, and who had to deliver the money.

As a result, in the case of the former jury opened a criminal case under part 1 article 294 of the criminal code (“Obstruction of justice and manufacture of preliminary investigation”). Guilty as charged, she admitted in full, said the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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