Lukashenka spoke about the distribution of weapons to young people


Alexander Lukashenkoon: Alexei Nikolsky / RIA Novosti

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on the day of the century, all-Union Leninist Communist Union of youth (Komsomol) held a meeting with activists of the Belarusian Republican youth Union (BRSM), which explained why so valued by the organization. The words of the Belarusian leader cites BelTA.

“I’ll tell you for the first time, and frankly what I said in the narrow circle. I always say pragmatic: if tomorrow with a gun will have to defend their homeland? I, as commander in chief, will be something only the structure and system that is established in the Armed Forces and the police? No. We have to give everyone, especially the man, and the girl, arms to protect, well, not Home, yourself and your family, your children,” — explained Lukashenko.

He remembered how the young people participated in the great Patriotic war, and stressed that a similar structure of the head of state and the government will be able to use in the event of a conflict or difficult time. “This is a huge reserve, which is now established,” — said the President of Belarus.

The youth Union itself needs to function like clockwork — from the first Secretary to the primary cell, and constantly improve, starting with leadership, said Lukashenko. “If you will, consider that you lied to me, people wasting money, even a little one,” he said.

Belarusian Republican youth Union was created in 2002. As noted on the website of the organization, the Belarusian Republican youth Union member can be any citizen of Belarus, persons without citizenship and foreign citizens permanently residing in the Republic, ranging in age from 14 to 31 years and accept the Charter and programme documents of the organization.

In June, the Belarusian leader said that the failure of the economy of the Republic could lead to armed conflict in the country. “We are on the front. Do not soak these years fall through, then it will be necessary or part of a state to go, or we’ll just wipe his feet. And, God forbid, even start a war like in Ukraine,” — said Lukashenko. About where the threat comes from and in which state can enter Belarus in the worst case scenario, the President said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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