Merkel told about the plans after leaving the post of Chancellor


Angel Marcelito: Petr David Josek / AP

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that it intends to do after retiring from my current position. Her words are reports Reuters.

“This is fourth term the last for me as German Chancellor,” said Merkel at a press conference in Berlin. She explained that she will not be eligible for the post of Prime Minister in the elections of 2021 or earlier if needed early voting.

Merkel has also indicated that it did not intend after leaving to become a parliamentarian or “to hold any political office.”

The Chancellor has confirmed that it no longer intends to run for the post of leader of his party the Christian democratic Union (CDU). “The next Congress of the CDU in December in Hamburg and I’m not going to nominate yourself as a candidate”, — she told.

According to her, to announce that she originally intended next week. The politician said that the decision would help the government to focus on the intended objectives, and parties to go to success. She added that the past in Bavaria and Hesse election must be a turning point for the ruling coalition.

Earlier it became known that its decision to abandon the post of Chairman of the CDU and Chancellor Merkel said at a meeting of the Board of the party after the elections in the Federal state of Hesse.

The CDU showed the lowest result in Hesse, though, and became the winner. In the elections, according to preliminary results, the party received 27.2 percent. The social democratic party of Germany (SPD), a member of a coalition with the conservative CDU/CSU (Christian social Union) won the election in Hesse, 19.6 percent of the vote — the worst result since 1946. After that, the leader of the SPD Andrea Nales said that if in 2019, party will show the best result, then get out of the Association.

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