Mother published homework daughter online and disgraced teacher


Image: Danielle Rowland

Briton Danielle Rowland (Rowland Danielle) has accused the teacher of your daughter in ignorance. In response, the school administration accused the woman of spreading damaging information about the institution. The incident drew the attention of the Telegraph.

The woman posted the homework of her daughter on Facebook, indignant grammar and spelling mistakes in the job. “For homework on the grammar of these errors are shocking,” she signed the post.

Rowland said that he had posted the picture in the network to learn from other parents, do not feel they or their children are difficulties with this assignment. It turned out that there were many.

The woman tried to resolve the issue with the headmaster on the phone. However, the administration accused her of disclosing information prejudicial to an educational institution, and threatened retaliation. “He (the representative of the school — approx. “”) asked me to remove the post because he discreditied school, and said that he would have to talk with the Commissioner of data protection if I refuse,” explained Rowland. All three of the woman’s children attend the school.

According to her, the negligence of the teachers is detrimental to children’s education. The school administration in its official comments stated that it was investigating the incident and take appropriate action.

Previously a middle school teacher Evelyn Lisette (Evelyn Lizette) from California told the anecdote that her student used in his homework. At the request of the joke the boy wrote: “Our President.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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