Russian woman raped in India


Photo: Mukhtar Khan / AP

Two men raped a Russian tourist who was vacationing at the Indian resort town of Manali. This publication reports the Hindustan Times.

33-year-old Russian, who came to India as part of the research group, stated to the police that two men attacked her when she returned to the hotel. According to the victim, the men dragged her to the car, drove him to a quiet place and raped her.

The Russian woman reported the incident to the police and law enforcement officers began an investigation into the matter. After the incident, the victim was taken to a local hospital for medical examination.

In January Russian tourist Polina Shemyakin hospitalized with injuries, told the police about the rape. Law enforcement officers conducted an investigation and found out that the girl lied. Shemyakin was injured when he climbed over the balcony railing at the hotel Phi Phi Andaman Beach Resort and tried to climb down the pole, but slipped and fell to the ground.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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