The British launch the first beer in the history of flight


Image: BrewDog

English brewing company BrewDog launch the first ever “beer flight” in 2019. It is reported by news Agency Daily Beverage.

The flight Boeing 767 scheduled on February 21 from London Stansted airport in Ohio, USA, one of the Breweries and BrewDog at The DogHouse. On Board passengers will be able to taste specially prepared beer.

Manufacturers claim that they managed to create the drink, which taste is when a person is flying at a height of nine thousand meters. “Our passengers will be able to participate in the world’s highest beer tasting. Taste buds when the flights work differently, so our brewers have invented a beer that will taste better when the passenger uses it in the sky, not on earth,” — said representatives of the company.

In February, the brewery, the BrewDog anonsirvoala opening the world’s first beer hotel in 2019. The hotel will be housed in the headquarters of the company, offering visitors 26 designer rooms. Each room will be equipped with a water tap from which beer will flow around the clock.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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