The Chinese discourage the use of marijuana in Canada


Photo: Carlos Osorio / Reuters

Chinese diplomats in the canadian city of Toronto has released the official letter, which urged citizens “to stay away from marijuana”. This reports the South China Morning Post.

According to the newspaper, the legalization of drugs in Canada caused a heated debate among representatives of different generations of Chinese expats. In a letter to diplomats saying that Chinese, especially for non-resident students, you should refrain from marijuana use and to think about their physical and psychological health.

“New rules for the use of marijuana can have serious consequences for the Chinese living in Canada,” the letter says. If someone breaks the law and is convicted, then he’s deported. People are warned “not to go on about their desires.”

The Chinese Consulate was not informed about the ban on the use of marijuana for citizens of China, as it previously did, the South Korean authorities. They were going to punish consumers for returning home. How, exactly, the Korean authorities will calculate the guilty were not specified.

The use of drugs in China is punishable by law, for certain crimes could face the death penalty. The cultivation of cannabis is punishable by a term exceeding five years and a fine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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