The Deputy opened fire in Parliament


Photo: @Toujours_en_RCA

In the Parliament of the Central African Republic Deputy Rombot the Alfred Yakata opened fire. This was reported by the AFP journalist Charles buzel ‘ in his Twitter.

The incident occurred during the elections of the new head of the National Assembly. As a result of shooting there were no injuries, says buzel’. Okatoma managed to neutralize, and in the area of enhanced police protection. The journalist said that the building Assembly is now only open to MPs and the press, election procedure continues.

On the motives of the shooting of the Deputy is not reported.

The former head of Parliament, Karim Mikasa was removed from his post on Friday, 26 October, reports channel Africa News. Supporters of the policy said that his shift was illegal. According to the TV station, the election of Mikasa in 2016 has become a symbol of reconciliation in the country. In 2013, there had been armed clashes between supporters of the Muslim group seleka and Christian militia “Antibalas”.

In March 2013, former President of the Central African Republic, Christian, fran├žois Boise was overthrown in the civil war rebels “Selkov”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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