The dog chewed off a piece of the passport and have deprived a family trip to Bali



The couple from the UK lost his honeymoon, because of a dog that gnawed their passport. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Daniel and TIA Farthing paid for a ticket to four thousand pounds ($336 thousand) and flew to Indonesia 16 hours of flight, but the airport staff deployed them on the border due to a bad passport of Daniel. In this regard, the newlyweds had to fly back home on the first flight.

It turned out that their four year old dog had a Nice bit off part of the passport while still a puppy. Officers from the UK border force have assured the couple that the problems at the border will not occur because all data remains in the document untouched.

However, they were not allowed in Bali. In addition, when the couple stopped in Singapore on the way back, Daniel was interrogated for seven hours, and his wife spent about 18 thousand rubles for calls to relatives. Because of the incident, the couple lost all their savings.

In August, the hotel Furaveri Island Resort&Spa Maldives offer tourists to destroy the passport to more not to go anywhere. The hotel staff set the reception Schroeder to tourists if you wish to stay on vacation can cut your passport. According to representatives of Furaveri Island Resort&Sp, many guests admit that they are willing to destroy your passport, not to leave the island.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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