The Russians found in her grandmother’s apartment Soviet treasure


Photo: home “Murmansk LIVE” in “Vkontakte”

Family from Murmansk discovered they inherited the apartment the treasure of the Soviet period. About that new property owners said the public “Murmansk LIVE” dj “Vkontakte”.

Denominations from one to one hundred Soviet rubles were found in the preparation of the apartment to the repair. “Grandma died, inherited, apartments, secured, therefore, it was decided to sell grandmother’s apartment. Began to make repairs in preparation for sale and on the mezzanine found 500 Soviet rubles, and this is nothing less salary for four months 30 years ago… And you have the Soviet money? Can anyone collect? Anyway, anyone have any Hobbies?” — wrote the concert in the social network.

Subscribers responded differently to a message about the treasure. “In the United States with dollars to come and will change, and we don’t. And how many monetary reforms had? Old money, new money. Ugh,” wrote one user.

“Murmansk is a salary for a month and a half, and then in a month, if this is Soviet money,” said another commenter.

In 2016 in the German city of Minden migrant from Syria, bought an old wardrobe and found him 150 thousand euros. The money lay in the secret compartment of the closet, man discovered them by accident, deciding to clean the furniture. A refugee brought the find to the police, explaining that assign values he is not allowed religious beliefs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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