The savings Bank has faced a massive leak


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The names and email addresses of about 421 thousand employees of the savings Bank got into the network, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Database of employees of Sberbank posted in the specialized forum It is a text file of about 47 MB, it has more than 421 thousand records with full names of staff and their logins to the operating system. In most cases, they coincide with the addresses of their mail.

In particular, contains information about employees of foreign offices of the Bank. The database size exceeds the number of all the employees of Sberbank group. According to IFRS for the first half of 2018, there worked about 300 thousand persons. This is explained by the fact that included and information on the part of the dismissed employees.

Information current at 1 August 2018. The published data “do not pose any threats to automated systems and clients,” the Bank said. The press service said that this address book available to all employees of the savings Bank, which “does not pose a threat to the disclosure of their personal data”.

The cause of the leak in the Bank is not open. According to sources, it is likely to “malicious acts” of someone currently employed or former employees.

According to experts, the danger to such Bank is not a leak, but the staff can become targets for a mass mailing of phishing emails, advertisement and spam.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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