Annoying fans forced the journalist to have her Breasts reduced


Nachi, Jotapata: @natijota

Argentine sports journalist Nati Jota (Jota Nati) reduced chest in an attempt to distract the eyes of the audience from the bust. About it reports The Mirror.

The girl said that at school dreamed of a chic bust, because her Breasts started to grow later than classmates. However, after some time, when the desire Goty turned, she regretted it. The journalist was sure that the audience pay too much attention to her bright appearance, so don’t listen to sports reports.

“I want people to look me in the face when I talk to them,” explained 24-year-old Jota. In addition, the decision to have cosmetic surgery was due to health problems: due to the large Breasts she’s constantly aching back. It also was difficult to find clothes that fit.

Shortly after the operation, Jota recorded a video in which he thanked followers for their kind comments. Her page in Instagram following of over a million people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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