Clips to the song of Oxymoron about the shooting at the school was blocked


Oxymoronic: Eugene Novozenina / RIA Novosti

The fan clips on the track “Last call” rapper Oxymoron was blocked on the websites YouTube and “Vkontakte”. Videos are blocked on demand of Roskomnadzor because of the propaganda of violence, reports TJournal Tuesday, October 30.

The ban affected three music videos created by fans of the musician. Official video clip “Last call,” no, the song itself is available in the “Vkontakte”.

In the song Oxxxymiron rap on behalf of a student who shoots his classmates.

I reloaded, check the shutter. And shoot point blank.
Go for a walk around the school.
I’m not a Satanist, not a fan of metal, broke
To be. Their trunks — scrap.
Not psycho, not a freak, not played for a long time at the computer,
So don’t trust the cops, the people.

22 Oct activist Eugene Chudnovets said to media that complained about the song Oxymoron to Roskomnadzor, noting that the rapper was involved in the massacre in Kerch. She stressed that the song and the clip on it provoked Kerch arrow. The woman offered to remove or rewrite the track. Later Chudnovets said that he had asked the Prosecutor’s office with a request to ban a concert by rapper Face of the Mat in his work. Hip-hop artist is also accused of involvement in the incident in Kerch.

17 Oct student Kerch Polytechnic College Vladislav Roslyakov staged in the College blast, and then began to shoot students and teachers and then committed suicide. The victims were 20 people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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