Died famous cat meme


Frame: Hitler Rants Parodies / YouTube

In Perm cat had died the Marquis, well-known in the network as a NONONONO Cat. On the death of the animal according to local website 59.ru.

It is reported that the cat died at the end of June, however, the journalists only found out 30 October from the pet’s owner, whom she met by chance.

Master star cat was Perm taxi driver Andrew in the car that sat employee 59.ru. “You like cats?” — asked Andrei and told the media representative about your pet, the Marquise, who seven years ago became a YouTube star. In confirmation of his words he provided photos of a cat in the home environment.

The Marquis did not live to the age of 16. According to the taxi driver, the cat took the family in 2002 for the decade son. “A month could not think of a name. And then I noticed that the kitten is very selective attitude to everything, like some Baron or Marquis. There were only two trays. Loved the cleanliness. Loved melon, olives and carrots,” says Andrew.

According to Andrew, the video was filmed in 2004. The famous reaction of the cat (the animal was making a sound similar to the repetition of the word no) was caused by the appearance of the house but unknown to him, four girls. “The Marquis, barely seeing her, yelled durnin. Screamed as three hours, my friend tried to calm him down. As soon as the girl approached, the Marquis was hysterical. At first I thought that he swallowed some object. Checked, nothing happened,” says Andrew.

The video was posted online only in 2011. To date, he has collected about 12 million hits. For seven years, YouTube has listed the Permian, six thousand dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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