Dreaming about the son of Chinese learned about the birth of his daughter and sold her


Shaohua, Liphoto: Yiwu police

In China have arrested a man who sold newborn daughter. As informs edition Daily Mail, the deal he explained that he really wanted a son.

The incident occurred in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province in the East of the country. In mid-September, 42-year-old Shaohua Whether second daughter was born. The man was very upset and sold it to a childless couple from the neighbouring Hubei province four thousand yuan (37.8 per thousand) at the end of September.

The loss of the child seriously disturbed mother Lee. The woman was going to move in with her son to help take care of the baby. It is very surprised and alarmed that Lee refused. “I saw his second granddaughter only a couple of times, shortly after birth. After that — never, my son would not let me in,” complained grandmother.

In early October, my grandmother still managed to visit my sister-in-law before Lee was not at home. She had not found the child, called her son, but he refused to talk. Then the woman went to the police.

The man was questioned and he confessed to the crime. He stated that he was willing only to birth a son. Due to the lack of work felt unable to support two daughters.

In mid-October, the child was saved. The police were afraid that the buyers were involved in the abduction of children by criminals. However, this was a couple who for more than ten years unsuccessfully tried to have a baby. They said that found the ad to sell baby online.

Police arrested the buyers and the father of the seller. The child was taken home, cared for mother and grandmother.

According to Chinese law, the kidnapping and selling of women and children depending on the scale of the crime shall be punished with imprisonment from five to ten years, life imprisonment or the death penalty.

From 1 January 2016 to the Chinese families allowed to have two children. The authorities have taken this step due to the reduction in the active population and gender imbalance in favour of men, as couples sought to give birth only boys. Now the government is thinking about removing all restrictions on having children. The decision can enter into force in 2019.

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