Gasoline prices went up


Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev / TASS

Average retail prices for gasoline in Russia last week showed a slight increase. On Tuesday, October 30, reports “Interfax” with reference to data of the Central dispatching Department of fuel energy complex.

Maximum growth was recorded in Tuva where gasoline AI-92 has risen in price for 40 copecks, AI-95 — on 1 rouble. Prices continued to rise at the pump of the Crimea (plus 5 cents for both gasoline), Sebastopol (an increase of 6 and 7 cents, respectively).

Prices also rose in Moscow (plus 7-15 cents), Moscow (plus 7-16 cents), Smolensk (10-19 cents) and Tver (7-16 cents).

Rising prices at the gas station on the North-West of the country. In Saint Petersburg the gasoline price increased by 7 to 13 cents, in the Leningrad region for 9-15 cents, in Novgorod region — on 12-23 penny, and Pskov region — on 10-22 penny.

In other areas the prices last week has not changed. As a result, in Russia on average the cost of gasoline AI-92 rose by 3 kopeks and amounted to 41.68 rubles per liter, AI-95 — by 4 kopecks to the ruble of 44.58 per liter.

On 29 October, the representatives of the oil industry appealed to the government and the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with a request to raise with the new year selling prices of gasoline from 4-5 cents per liter. Medvedev, by contrast, has threatened the oil companies with the introduction of protective duties on fuel in that case, if they refuse to further restrain prices at the pump.

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