Iran was accused of planning an attack on humans in Europe


Photo: Thaier Al-Sudani / Reuters

In Denmark arrested a native of Iran, intending to commit murder. This was announced by the head of the Danish security and intelligence Finn Borch Andersen, Reuters reports.

“We are dealing with the Iranian intelligence Agency was planning an attack on Danish soil. Of course, we cannot and are not going to consider it acceptable,” he said.

According to Andersen, the man with the citizenship of Norway, worked for the secret services of the Islamic Republic. In Denmark he was preparing to deal with the Iranian Arabic — the head of the Danish branch of the “Arab movement for the liberation of Ahwaz”, which in Iran is perceived as separatist.

The suspect was taken into custody on October 21 in Sweden and extradited to Denmark. Indicates that noticed him taking pictures and watching the house the probable victims in Denmark in September. The man denies any wrongdoing.

Ahwaz is an Arab city in the West of Iran, the capital of the Khuzestan province. According to TASS, this also the Arabic name for the entire province. The settlement is an important center of petroleum and metallurgical industries, and one of the most turbulent in Iran.

The Agency indicates that Iran suspects the “Arab movement for the liberation of Ahwaz” in the organization of the September terrorist attacks in the city of Ahwaz. Then four attackers opened fire on a passing military parade. Injured at least 70 people, aware of 25 victims. It was reported that after the incident, Iran launched a missile attack on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates in Syria, where the objects of the organizers of the attack.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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