Mother returned the stolen 31 years ago child



A resident of Canada for the first time in 31 years was found with his son, who was kidnapped in 1987. About it reports BBC News.

Jermaine Allan Mann (Jermaine Allan Mann), who then was a year and nine months, disappeared after a meeting with his father. The boy was searched by police in the canadian city of Toronto, then the operation was joined by American law enforcement. Years of searching brought no result.

As it turned out, his father took him to the United States, where they many years hiding under false names. The man managed to get fake birth certificate, according to which he and his son were natives of the state of Texas. The boy thought his mother died when he was very young.

The deception was exposed when the man decided to rent a house with government grants. First, in the filed documents they noticed the forgery, then the facial recognition system through which missed his photo, recognized him as the father of the missing in Canada child. Now he faces criminal penalties for perjury and extradited to Canada, where he is accused of kidnapping.

The grown son, who is now 33 years old, was found with her mother, who came to him from Canada. “What I felt is beyond words — she says. — I wanted to see that it’s real. I said, “my God, my child””. They talked for a few hours, and before leaving for home, the woman had prepared a lunch.

In March it was reported that in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, a police officer helped the woman to find twin sister, who she hasn’t seen for 36 years. Because of poverty parents gave them up for adoption 16 days after birth.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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