Musk was known in Tesla


Elon, MASCOTA: Chris Carlson / AP

Founder and head of Tesla Elon Musk has removed their post from the website. He said this on Twitter.

“Now I’m no Tesla. It seems that everything is in order,” wrote the entrepreneur. Musk explained that he did it last week to “see what happens”.

Page on the website Tesla biography and list of his positions and achievements in the company are still available, however the web-site has no references to it.

Later, Musk added that he will probably have to keep a post of the President of the company, not to “embarrass the authorities”.

The mask had to resign as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tesla under the terms of the agreement which he made with the securities and exchange Commission of the United States after he was accused of fraud. Within three years, the Mask should replace the independent Manager. At the same time, the businessman retained the position of General Director of the company.

In addition, the Mask and Tesla was ordered to pay $ 20 million fine in favour of the affected investors. The company also needs to appoint two independent Directors.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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