Passenger crashed in Indonesia plane managed to send a selfie to his wife before his death


Daryl Feed, Febrianto Photo: Lutfiana Eka Putri

Passenger Boeing 737 Max 8 Indonesian company Lion Air that crashed on 29 October, had to send his wife a selfie shortly before his death. Reported by the

22-year-old Daryl Feed, Febrianto was among 189 people flying flight JT 610. He was married to Lothian Eka Putri less than two months and before takeoff sent her messages and photos, one of which he sits in the passenger seat with a green mask on her face.

As soon as the plane took off, the couple graduated from the correspondence, and a few minutes later, the airliner crashed into the water. “When I saw the news, I cross-referenced the flight number with a photo of the ticket, which sent me Daryl,” shared Putri. — At this point I wept.”

Passenger plane Boeing 737 Max 8s airline Lion Air crashed after takeoff from Jakarta. After 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta the aircraft disappeared from radar. He served as a flight JT-610 in the Indonesian city of pangkal Pinang.

On Board were 189: 181 passengers, 2 pilots and 6 crew members. The representative of the Indonesian national Agency for emergencies reported that the survivors of the plane crash there.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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