Tajikistan will refuse the Soviet military ranks


Photo: Iskandar Aminov / RIA Novosti

Head of Committee for language and terminology under the government of Tajikistan Abdurahim Sultanian said that the country would replace the Soviet military ranks. About it reports “Satellite of Tajikistan”.

“Experts have suggested the name Tajik military rank: corporal — radabe, Sergeant — dastaar, Sergeant duster, Sergeant — dastaan, Sergeant — sagasta, captain — cadaver, Colonel lashkari, Colonel — sarlashkar” — said Sultanian.

While the Committee has not yet come to a consensus regarding the replacement of the ranks of senior commanders — major General, Lieutenant General and Colonel General.

Previously, the Committee on language and terminology has created a working group of military and historians to develop new military ranks. Offering alternatives, the experts relied on the ancient manuscripts of the time of the Achaemenid, Sassanid and Samanid. In the future, scientists are also transferred to the Tajik military terminology and names of military units.

This is not the first case of refusal of the Soviet military attributes on the territory of the former USSR. A year ago, the command of airborne troops of the Ukrainian Armed forces (airborne APU) was introduced for the military instead of the blue beret Burgundy headdress the same shape. It was noted that it was done in the framework of decommunization army.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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