The beggar with the Chinese station was a rich girl


Photo: Shutterstock

The administration of the China Hangzhou East station host asked the passengers not to give alms to an elderly woman, appearing regularly at the box office. According to the publication South China Morning Post, “the beggar woman” doesn’t need anything.

The son of a 79-year-old beggar claims that she has several Bank accounts. According to him, their family owns a factory and a five-storey house in which they live. Apartment on the ground floor, the family rents out and receives a 50 million yuan (472,5 thousand) per year.

However, the old lady refuses to quit wandering around the station. The woman goes there every morning and he says that he does not want to sit at home. She assures the son that thus earns a sitter that she’ll need “old”. “I just wanted to sell the cards at the station, but I’m not allowed. I just need some money,” says the woman passengers, begging. She also lied to my son that sells in the station guides.

The man admitted that he did not know how to stop the mother. He thought to send his parents to his hometown, but was afraid that no one will be able to take care of the elderly.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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