The bride has forbidden guests to come to wedding dresses


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Australian made girlfriends come to the wedding in men’s suits to seem the most beautiful. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

A resident of Australia wrote in a group in Facebook dedicated to weddings, what would that bridesmaids was too cute: “this is Probably a very unpopular opinion. But I can’t be the only bride who wants to make girlfriend feel beautiful… but not TOO PRETTY. My self-esteem won’t stand for that, I need to KNOW what will be the most beautiful Princess. Only one this day.”

Many commentators have condemned her desire. But one lady said that it understood the feelings of the author of the post, and at my wedding asked all the girls not to wear dresses. The only exception was the witness, but she was supposed to come in costume, “not revealing anything.” “My guest came in men’s suits, and the witness is in a closed dress, and they were COVERED. If it wasn’t so hot, I would have closed them from head to toe, lol (not kidding)”.

Her comment gained a lot of feedback. “It’s disgusting. I chose the most beautiful dresses for the bridesmaid because they are all beautiful and deserve the best. I’ll pay for their makeup and hair because I want to feel beautiful,” he answered her with another bride. The girl also stated it is very insecure.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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