The Creator of the most powerful Internet weapons worth millions of dollars


Paras, Gatto: Dominick Reuter / Reuters

One of the authors of the most dangerous botnet Mirai paras JHA (Paras Jha) received a new sentence for launching DDoS attacks, according to which he is obliged to spend six months under house arrest and pay the $ 8.6 million. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of justice.

The investigation established that in November 2014, the ja have repeatedly staged attacks on the servers of my University, disabling them at least four times. These servers supported the work of the portal of the institution that was used by tens of thousands of staff, teachers and students.

When DDoS attacks Jia had financial goals: in one case he wanted to postpone the registration of specialists for advanced Informatics course, in the other — important to move the exam to another date.

Moreover, the attacks JHA was accompanied by sharp comments about the low security of the University. About this he wrote on his Twitter page under the name Exfocus. Because of the actions of JHA school has suffered losses ranging from 3.5 million to 9.5 million dollars.

In December 2017 JHA, together with two fellow students Norman Dalton (Dalton Norman) and the Josiah W. (Josiah White) confessed to creating one of the most dangerous botnets Mirai. In 2016, this weapon brought down many large sites. Initially, the students wanted to earn extra money on the online game Minecraft, but later realized the power of their self-made botnet.

The authors Mirai managed to avoid jail, as they helped the FBI in catching other criminals. The creators of the botnet received five years probation and 2.5 thousand hours of community service. In addition, students were forced to pay 127 thousand dollars and to abandon large amounts in bitcoin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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