The owner of the ticket on the crashed Boeing was caught in traffic and escaped death


Sonya Metavante: page Sony Setiawan in Facebook

The man who bought the plane ticket airline Lion Air, which crashed on October 29, got into a traffic jam on the way to the airport and escaped death. About it reports The Mirror.

Late passenger was an employee of the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia Sony Setiawan (Sony Setiawan). Having missed their flight, he bought a ticket on a later flight with another airline and found out about the crash after the landing.

“My friends and I always fly flight JT-610. I don’t know why the traffic on the toll road was so bad this time. I usually come to Jakarta at 3 a.m. however, this morning I arrived at the airport at 06:20 and missed the flight. As soon as I heard about the crash I cried. My friends were on Board,” said Setiawan.

Indonesian Boeing company Lion Air crashed after takeoff from Jakarta. After 13 minutes after takeoff, the plane disappeared from radar. According to the Agency, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 performing flight JT-610 in the Indonesian city of pangkal Pinang, fell into the sea near the West coast of the island of Java.

On Board were 189: 181 passengers, 2 pilots and 6 crew members. The representative of the Indonesian national Agency for emergencies reported that the survivors of the plane crash there.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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