The Ukrainian foreign Ministry called on citizens to refuse Russian passports


Photo: Viktor Korotayev / Kommersant

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin urged Ukrainians to take Russian passports. He commented on the opportunity for citizens to have passports of several countries, reports “European truth” (EP).

The Minister has called for a public debate on the prospects of dual citizenship in Ukraine. “However, we can’t even talk about dual citizenship with Russia during a de facto war with her. Those who have Russian passports, let them pass, all the rest — let’s talk” — said Klimkin.

He also outlined the condition of dual citizenship. “It can’t have military commanders, it makes it impossible to hold certain positions,” explained the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

The Minister added that dual citizenship is practiced in some European countries. “And we have carriers violate the law, although this does not mean that they are criminals. In ATO killed at least 11 citizens of Hungary (Transcarpathia residents with dual citizenship — approx. “European truth”)”, — said Mr. Klimkin.

The issue of Ukrainians have passports of several countries emerged after the incident in the Consulate of Hungary in Transcarpathia. In September there was a video in which the Hungarian Consul distributed in the building of the diplomatic mission Ukrainians passports and led them to the oath of allegiance to Hungary. It later turned out that the diplomat didn’t give out passports and the packet of documents for obtaining citizenship. Nevertheless, the incident provoked a crisis in relations between Ukraine and Hungary. As a result, Ukraine has sent a scandalous Consul, Hungary responded similarly.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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