There is also a restaurant with dishes of the last sentenced to death


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In Japan, there is a restaurant, which for two weeks served dishes that sentenced to death prisoners are selected for the last meal. This publication reports the New York Post.

A restaurant called “Ningen”, which translates as “Human restaurant”, was opened in the “red light district”.

Among the menu items were especially popular three choices of meal. The first set — a hamburger, hard-boiled eggs, baked potatoes and three shots of whiskey — picked and eaten before the execution the murderer and robber Gary mark Gilmore (Gary Mark Gilmore), who became the first criminal executed in the United States after the lifting of the moratorium on the death penalty in 1967.

Visitors also enjoyed a dish of “black widow” Judias Buenoano (Judias Buenoano), who poisoned her husband and lover, drowned in the river 19-the summer son-the disabled person and tried to kill another man. She enjoyed asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes and strawberries before his execution in the electric chair.

Popular and dinner bucket of wings from KFC, French fries, 450 grams of strawberries and fried shrimp. This last meal chose maniac John Wayne Gacy (John Wayne Gacy), known as the “clown killer”.

The restaurant worked for two weeks and was part of the installation of the art group Chim↑Pom. Customers left positive feedback on his work.

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