Trump sent thousands of soldiers to the border with Mexico


Photo: Joshua Lott / Reuters

The U.S. government will send at least 5.2 thousand soldiers to the southern border of the United States to protect it from the influx of illegal migrants. This was reported by CBS News.

In the framework of operation “True Patriot” 1.8 thousand military will go to Texas, 1.2 thousand in Arizona and 1.5 thousand in California. This is comparable to the military contingent of the USA in Iraq. It is reported that a number of soldiers later can be increased. It is unknown how much the state will manage this operation.

A week earlier on the border has sent 800 soldiers. Together with the new arrivals they will be about 5.2 thousand more than the American soldiers fighting with the “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) in Syria. Apart from professionals, it is defended by about two thousand soldiers of the National guard of the United States.

The Commissioner of customs and border protection Kevin Macalino (Kevin McAleenan) said at a press conference on 29 October that this measure is intended to solve the problem of two large caravans of migrants bound for the United States through the territory of Mexico. One of them 3.5 thousand workers, and he is already in southern Mexico. Another caravan, the size of which is estimated at three thousand people, at this moment stopped at the border of Guatemala and Mexico.

Macalino described the situation a “humanitarian crisis” and said that over the past three weeks at the border each day were detained about 1.9 thousand people, half of whom are families with children and unaccompanied minors. He stressed that the caravans of illegal migrants will not be able to enter the territory of the country.

About caravans commented in his Twitter the President of the United States Donald trump. “A lot of gang members and other very bad people mingled with the caravan, moving to the South of our border. Please come back, you will not be allowed into the United States without legal procedures. This invasion of our country, and you have to face with our army!”, — wrote the head of state.

Trump previously warned that it would cut financial assistance to Central American countries and even close the border of the United States, if the caravan is stopped.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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