Birthday left alone the boy saved by strangers


Photo: Susan Barron

Strangers helped the boy to celebrate a birthday when the holiday came his classmates. It is reported by Yahoo News.

Family ten years of Barron Brodie (Brody Barron) recently moved from Britain to the U.S. state of Oklahoma. He usually celebrates its birthday in August, but this year it was decided to note later that the boy managed to make new friends in school.

On the day of birth, which is arranged in the family entertainment center in the state capital, was invited ten classmates Brody. “We did not expect that all will come, but 30 minutes after the start understand that there will be no one,” says his mother.

She decided to consult with the Manager. According to her, he replied: “that’s what we’ll do is arrange for a amazing party, and it won’t cost us a dime.” The table Brody were members of the entertainment center, sang “happy birthday” played him in laser tag and gave it up with the logo Fortnite.

Noise heard the woman who called to the leisure centre to make a booking. She asked what was happening, and when she explained, came there with gifts for a boy. “Brody felt like a celebrity and said it was the best day,” says his mother.

24 October it was reported that six-year-old Teddy from the city of Tucson in the us state of Arizona has invited her classmates to a party in honor of the birthday, but nobody came. Photo Teddy in a local pizzeria for an empty table, which was shared by his mother, quickly became viral.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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