Caught fish compared with a subordinate in the head


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Reddit users have laughed at the fish that suspiciously looked into the lens of the camera installed on the seabed. Inhabitant of the ocean called “the most suspicious fish” and found she has a lot in common with people.

Visitors of the portal have reflected, why did you squint a movie character. “Why is there a camera? Is this a joke?” asked the fish at the time, said user with the nickname CanadianActual. “Man, I have a feeling that there’s someone there!” thought the fish, says Askmeaboutmy_Beergut.

In addition to fish, the video was indeed another character. In the background lay the octopus, buried in the sand. “I thought it will be an extended video showing how an octopus (and I’m 99 percent sure it was the octopus) eat unsuspecting fish. He’s like, “Hey, shit, look what’s going on with this fish. Nothing. If she saw me? Well, I’m a fucking genius disguise”. And then he eats the fish” — describes the version of events Icouldbewhoimnot. Others also admitted that he too was waiting for the octopus will eat the fish, losing vigilance in the camera view.

Users compare the situation in which there were fish, with situations at work, when at a bad time behind is head. Users report that the octopus was very accommodating, dropping the fish and leaving her alive.

Suspicious fish noticed the camera, sailed past the octopus, and then again slowed down and examined her peripheral vision. “When you are worn out forgetting where you’re going, but try to keep a natural,” he described her movements the user with the nickname NotTheBelt.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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