Disclosed is a method of creating perfect hair styles with no styling


Photo: Nicky J Sims / Getty Images

The founder of the London salon, Hare & Bone stylist Sam Burnett (Sam Burnett) revealed the way to create perfect hair styles without stacking, and explained why you should stop using the comb. His words leads to The Sun.

Instead of drying your hair before going to sleep, Burnett offered to allow them to dry naturally overnight. “Braid hair in a braid or bundle when they dry out by 50 percent. Choose the size and location of KOs or beam depending on the desired shape of the waves”, said the master.

In addition, Burnett was advised to abandon the use of a comb while drying the head. “While your hair is wet, the bristles of a comb breaks the location and the structure of the hair, creating undesirable bends” — he explained and recommended to comb the hair with your fingers.

Earlier in October, the founder of Sydney’s Raw salon stylist Anthony Nader, called the main mistakes that make women during hair styling. According to experts, the secret for beautiful hair is not the number printed on them, and properly drying the head after washing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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