France will study the mass birth armless children


Photo: Andrew Kelly / Reuters

In France, resumed the investigation of cases of children born with completely or partially missing upper limbs. About it reports BBC News.

It concerns three regions of the country: Switzerland Department EN in the East, as well as Brittany and the Loire-Atlantique region in the West. In total will be studied more than 20 occasions.

The first data on the growth similar cases of agenesis — congenital absence of parts of the body — appeared in July of this year, when the authorities drew attention to the information of doctors from ena. It turned out that from 2009 to 2014 within 17 kilometers from the town of Druya observed seven cases of birth armless children, which caused speculation about the negative impact of pesticides. Three more similar cases were identified in the Atlantic Loire and four in Brittany.

In the end, the case was closed a few weeks ago, after experts were unable to determine the total for all cases, the cause of the incident. In addition, the Ministry of health found that the numbers are not too higher than the average for the country the proportion of babies with defects.

Now, however, authorities received new data: during the analysis of databases in esneux found 11 similar cases since 2000.

The Minister of health and solidarity France Agnès Buzin, said that the first results of the national inquiry will be published in January. It is noted that the investigation will be extremely difficult.

BBC News also notes that, in General, children with congenital defects covers only 19 per cent of all births. In this regard, the scale of the problem may in fact be much greater.

Such data is recalled the scandal with thalidomide. Because this drug is sleeping pills, which women in many countries have taken during pregnancy, 8-12 thousand children were born with deformities between 1956 and 1962.

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