In Russian “Drills” took into account the risk of missing



The Russian unified gliding cluster bomb “Drill” (PBK-500U SPBE-K) is able to plan without entering the active air defense, and have managed elements that are on the destination route of the movement is adjusted, thereby ensuring the defeat of the chosen goals, said the TV company “Zvezda” Director General “Tehmash” (included in “rostec”) Mr Lepine.

According to him, the increased interest in aviation the bomb caused by her original design. “And I have to say that there is another very interesting property, because the ammunition might not get. And we have such a thing as accuracy or precision of contact. There is provided a system that provides — if there was no detonation at a specific goal — self-destruct, and after some time the ammunition just undermined,” said Lepine.

Bomb “Drill” was introduced in 2015. With 2016 being tested on the ranges. In 2019 “tehmash” awaiting acceptance “Drills” into service in the Russian army.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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