Named the highest paid dead of show business


Photo: Russell Boyce / Reuters

The king of pop Michael Jackson has headed a rating of stars of show business, works which, after their death brings the right holders with a high income. The list published annually in Forbes magazine, dedicated to Halloween.

According to the calculations the publication rights to the works of Michael Jackson has brought in this year $ 400 million. Most of the money was earned on transaction of Fund heirs of the musician with the “daughter” of Sony. A 10% share in EMI Music Publishing was sold for 287 million dollars.

Second place went to Elvis Presley, whose work has brought $ 40 million. Most of the revenue comes from the sale of tickets to his mansion in Memphis that the wife of the singer turned into a tourist attraction. In third place is the golfer Arnold Palmer with an income of $ 35 million.

Followed by the Creator of the dog Snoopy cartoonist Charles Schulz ($34 million) and musician Bob Marley ($23 million).

The work of children’s writer and cartoonist Dr. seuss (Theodor Says, Gazel) earned $ 16 million last year, has sold 4.8 million of his books. On the seventh place of the founder of Playboy Hugh Hefner. He is a newcomer to this list. His heirs have earned on the sale of real estate $ 15 million.

The rating also got Marilyn Monroe ($14 million), the singer Prince ($13 million), John Lennon ($12 million), another newcomer to the list of rapper XXXTentacion ($11 million), the boxer Muhammad Ali ($8 million) and model Bettie page ($7 million).

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