Named the reason of wreck of the helicopter of the owner of “Lester”


Photo: AIRLIVE net / YouTube

The cause of the crash of the helicopter of the owner of football club “Leicester” was the failure of the tail rotor. About it reports Sky News.

“The helicopter crash… started with a significant malfunction of the tail rotor,” said lead investigator of the case.

The accident occurred on October 28 after the match of English Premier League between “Lester” and “West ham”. According to eyewitnesses, the helicopter rose into the air with a football field before every home game of the team. After a few seconds the pilot lost control and aircraft crashed into the Parking lot, located a few hundred metres from the stadium.

On Board were the Sarvadharma, two of his employees Nursery Sunami and Saveporn, Purpura, helicopter pilot Eric Swaffer and passenger Isabela rose Lechowicz.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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