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Moscow region is the leader of Russia by volumes of mortgage lending, according to materials of “United credit Bureau” (OKB), arrived in edition “” on Wednesday, October 31.

According to analysts, in the third quarter of 2018 in the capital and its suburbs has given out nearly 37 thousand loans for housing for a total amount of 135 billion rubles. Average mortgage in Moscow made up 3.65 million rubles.

On the second place by number of mortgage holders — Saint Petersburg, where for a quarter scored 17.9 thousand credits by 46.9 billion rubles. “Bronze” ranking went to the Sverdlovsk region (11.3 thousand loans for 21 billion rubles).

The three of leaders on rates of growth of the mortgage market led the Novosibirsk oblast, where the volume of housing loans increased by 72 percent, and the number of new loans by 53 percent. High market growth rates were also observed in Bashkiria and Krasnodar region.

Just for the third quarter in Russia issued about 331 thousand mortgage loans for more than 678 billion rubles, calculated in the Bureau.

In September, after increasing the key rate of the Central Bank, a number of real estate market experts predicted the imminent rise in the cost of the mortgage and, as a consequence, the demand for housing. According to them, interest rates on loans for the purchase of apartments in Russia in can grow up to “prohibitive” level of 12-13 percent per annum, if the key rate will be raised to 10-11 percent (currently it is 7.5%).

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