New equipment of the German army was the


Photo: Fabian Bimmer / Reuters

Only 39 percent of military equipment supplied to the armed forces of Germany in 2017, to be usable. This was reported by newspaper Die Welt.

Last year, the Bundeswehr received 97 pieces of large military equipment; of them, according to the Ministry of defence of Germany, only 38 can be used. The goal that wants to achieve military leadership of the country, is a constant combat readiness, 70 percent of all weapons systems.

Most concerned about the military transport aircraft A400M and the BMP “Puma”: suitable for use in the moment only 4 of the 8 delivered aircraft and 27 of the 71 BMP. Answering the request of a member of the party “Left” Matthias höhn, state Secretary of the Ministry of defense Peter Tauber said that the quality of these machines “it is possible to improve in the future,” and added that “it is the duty of industry, which it must fulfill as soon as possible”.

Not better things and with other types of equipment: seven helicopter gunships “Tiger” is ready for combat missions, only two of the seven transport NH90 — four. Of the four multipurpose fighter Eurofighter only one can be used right now, the other three returned to the factory for replacement electronics.

In the summer of 2018 the chief of staff of the air forces of Germany stated that the Park German combat aircraft is in poor condition and not ready for combat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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