South Korean footballer deception avoided military service, and repented


Photo: Dolores Ochoa / AP

Defender of the Japanese “Tokyo” Zhang Hyun-soo admitted that the fraud sought exemption from service in the South Korean army. It is reported The Straits Times.

Football Association Korea football player was suspended from two friendly matches in the national team. Instead of games against Australia and Uzbekistan, scheduled for November, Hyun soo will work on a voluntary basis.

“I’m sorry that was disappointing,” admitted the player himself.

According to South Korean law, athletes ranging in age from 18 to 27 years, have achieved victories at the Olympics or the Asian games, receive exemption from military service. The athletes are required to undergo basic military training and to devote 544 hours of community service.

Hyun soo was part of the team who won the football tournament at the Asian games in 2014. The defender has submitted fake documents, according to which he spent 200 hours community service.

27-the summer player of defence is for the national team in 2013. In the national team he spent 38 matches and scored three goals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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