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Russians who buy housing on credit and then refuse to rest in the homeland and abroad, while slightly reducing budgets and frequency of trips. This is evidenced by a study conducted by the online service of “Tinkoff mortgage” (is at the disposal “of the”).

As found by analysts, nearly 60 percent of mortgage holders to credit have made tourist trips at least once a year, they lasted at least seven days in Russia or not less than three days abroad. 25 percent of respondents traveled twice a year, four per cent three times, one percent of borrowers have to travel more than three times a year. 9.7 percent in the two years preceding the loan, was not to travel never.

When obtaining a mortgage 28 percent of the study participants suggested that this deal will reduce their ability to travel in the near future, about 23 percent were confident that their lifestyle will not change anything, and 2.6 percent were optimistic and planned to go on holiday more often. Thus, 46 percent, making a mortgage loan, could not assume, how it will affect their mobility.

The study showed that after getting the mortgage loan increased the share of those who began to travel once a year (from 60 to 68 percent) and reduced the proportion of families who go on holidays twice a year (from 25 to 14 percent). The number of tourists three times a year decreased by two percentage points, to 2.3 percent, more than three times a year — has remained virtually unchanged (0.9 percent). The proportion of those who refused to travel, grew by almost 15 percent.

About 63 percent of food, continuing to travel after processing the loan, left the budget every single journey with no changes. 28 percent have reduced this figure, and almost nine percent of the amount spent on tourist trips, on the contrary, has grown, experts have found “Tinkoff mortgage”.

Earlier in October, was called need for a relaxing service mortgage family income — 70,3 thousand rubles per month (the average for Russia). In Moscow this indicator is equal to 136 thousand rubles, in Moscow — 101 thousand.

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