The list of the best legallybuy films included six Russian tapes


The frame: the film “Seven samurai”

Edition of BBC News has compiled a list of the best movies of all time, shot not in the English language. The rating included 100 paintings.

“This year we felt it was time to move the focus from Hollywood and focus on the best cinema from around the world,” said the authors.

The first line was a tape from Japan, “Seven samurai” directed by Akira Kurosawa, filmed in 1954. On the second place — “Bicycle thief” by Italian filmmaker Vittorio de sica, 1948. Closes the three “Tokyo story” 1953, created by the Japanese Yasujiro OZU.

The top 10 also included the film “rashomon”, “the Rules of the game”, “Person”, “Eight and a half”, “the 400 blows”, “mood for Love” and “Sweet life.”

The rating included six works taken in Russian: “Man with a movie camera”, “Come and see”, “Stalker”, “Andrei Rublev”, “Battleship “Potemkin”” and “Mirror”. The author of three of them — Andrei Tarkovsky.

Language-leader’s presence in the ranking was French — he removed 27 of the top 100 paintings. While a quarter of the list was the tape from Southeast Asia.

Selection is made on the basis of a survey of 209 critics from 43 countries. The authors of the rating said that they were disappointed with the number of movies in the list created by the women of the 100 tapes just four — but was assured that was trying to provide sexual variety. So, critics among the respondents, 94 were female.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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