The Russians dug in the country dozens of skulls riddled


Photo: @kvashavitaliy

A resident of Blagoveshchensk dug up in the suburban area of human bones and skulls with bullet holes. On Wednesday, October 31, according to news Agency “the”.

As told to journalists by Vitaly Kvasha, the first discovery he made two weeks ago, digging a hole for the Foundation. Today he discovered the bones and bullet through the skull of ten people. According to Vitaly, the plot came to law enforcement officers and took part of the remains.

In the Investigative Committee told TASS that the discovery of the remains being tested. Bones and skulls sent for forensic examination, be held medico-forensic study, which will establish the age and gender of the buried.

As noted by the representative of investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the Amur region Oleg Myasoedov, experts suggest that this may be the remains of the repressed citizens.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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