The woman put fake vampire fangs, and are unable to get them out


Picture: ABC News / YouTube

To get rid of vampire fangs for fancy dress, the American woman took a visit to the dentist. About it reports Fox News.

Anna TEW (Tew Anna) from Alabama was planned in honor of Halloween to dress up like the undead. Besides the costume, she bought a fake false teeth, which cost three dollars. The woman attached them to natural teeth with temporary glue that came with the purchase.

To get rid of false fangs were far more complicated than she thought. The woman tried to get them out before two o’clock, floated the clippers, but achieved nothing. Fangs firmly stuck to her teeth. She had to go to the dentist.

After examination, the doctor concluded that it is not in the glue, and the form of its teeth and gums. To retrieve false teeth, they had to cut it, and then pull out piece by piece. This had to be done without anesthesia, not to accidentally damage your real teeth.

In 2010 it was reported that a young fan of the popular Saga “Twilight” got vampire fangs. Pointed teeth 16-year-old resident of Houston Taylor Wilkins made in the dental clinic for $ 200.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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