Three high-ranking police officer raped female investigator


Photo: the Investigative Department of the TFR in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Two colonels of the police, heads of district departments of the interior Ministry, and Lieutenant Colonel — the head of the regional migration service in Bashkortostan detained by investigators for the rape of a woman police Lieutenant. About it “” said Yevgeny Kanevsky, the official representative of the Republican investigative Department of the TFR.

“In the night from 29 for October 30 in the office building of the district police Department 23-year-old investigator was attacked by three colleagues. In fact, gang rape criminal case, the suspects arrested 51-year-old police Colonel, chief of OMVD on the area of the Ufa, 50-year-old police Colonel, chief of OMVD on the area Karmaskalinski and 34-the summer Lieutenant Colonel of police — the chief of Department on migration of OMVD on the Ufa district,” said the captain Kanevskiy.

He said that the consequence intends to petition for the arrest of all three defendants, now held urgent investigative actions.

As told “” a source in law enforcement bodies, in the night of Tuesday, October 30, in the building Department at the Ufa region, located in the city of Ufa, street of October revolution, three senior officers arranged a feast. Later that evening they called into the office of a subordinate, Lieutenant of justice, the investigator of the police Department, supposedly in need of service, and the woman had to walk from another building. But in the office all three of them first tried to drink, and then raped together, said the source.

All three were detained on Wednesday, October 31, immediately after the appeal of the victim to the investigating authorities.

The interior Ministry “” has declared that in connection with the events in OMVD on the Ufa area of Bashkortostan Republic has begun service check. In case of establishment of fault of the officers of all three will be dismissed for discreditable reasons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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