Ukrainian nationalist sang live the national anthem of the pioneers


Igor Miroshnichenko: NEWSONE video / YouTube

A member of the Ukrainian nationalist party “Freedom” Igor Miroshnichenko lost a bet and sang the anthem of the Soviet pioneers. The episode occurred in live TV channel NewsOne, the video is available on YouTube.

In the program “Big night” Miroshnichenko argued with the people’s Deputy from “Opposition bloc” Oleksandr Vilkul, that he can’t speak the Ukrainian language. “You more than 30 seconds will not speak [in Ukrainian]. Let’s bet: if you more than ten minutes of talk in Ukrainian, I’m ready — I don’t know, set their conditions,” — said the nationalist.

Vilkul said that his opponent has to sing the anthem of the pioneers.


Within half an hour Vilkul spoke exclusively in Ukrainian, although usually speaks in Russian, and Miroshnichenko admitted that his opponent knows the language. “Mr. Vilkul great job, I admit… I saw that you know Ukrainian. Do not break the law of Ukraine on status of people’s Deputy and use it anywhere in their public work. Each member should start with ourselves,” — said the nationalist. After that he sang the first verse of the anthem of the Soviet pioneers.

Miroshnichenko from 2012 to 2014 was a member of Parliament, and in 2015 — city Council. Part of the political Council of the party “Freedom”.

Miroshnichenko is known for his radical statements. In November 2017, he urged them to conduct acts of sabotage on the territory of Belarus, “to wrest the country from the Russian sphere of influence”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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